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"Fashion dies with no respect, I never want to be like you..."

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Date Created:17/03/03
Number of Posts: 25 million squillion billion. Well, almost...

Lively & loyal. Has frequent showers. Has many unhealthy obsessions. Hates the dark, spiders, football & other blokey 'macho' bullshit. Crispoholic. Ebayoholic. Shopoholic. Quite dull but trys hard.
Strengths: Has exquisite taste in music (always), clothes (always) & men (sometimes). Is very ambitious & a huge geek! Can eat a surprising amount for one so small. Hardly ever snores. Is NATURALLY blonde!
Weaknesses: Can get very grumpy very quickly. Requires constant affection, especially from boyfriend. Very shy & has habit of accidently offending by speaking without first engaging brain.
Special Skills: Has amazing talent for running up credit card bills in seconds. Will easily become mesmerised by flashy lights, glowey stuff, beer & 'Sale' signs in clothes shops.
Weapons: Is only violent if provoked but... Severe bitching/nagging/cutting disdain. Very opinionated. Also very honest - if I don't like you you will know about it!
Favourite Quotes: The problem isnt that Jesus was a man, its that men arent like Jesus- E Johnson. There is still magic in the world, we just need to learn to see it once again - Richard Rudgley.

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"They call it climbing and I call it visibility, they call it coolness and I call it visibility, they call it way too rowdy I call it finally free"

'Twenty-three across, the atomic weight of Boron. The answer is 'ten'.


You wrote the word 'fat'.

Your point?...'


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I live with my boyfriend and three little mice in Exeter and love all things Theological and Historical. I'm a self-confessed nerd, and proud of it! I love studying and have a degree & a Masters in Theology. I have also just finished courses studying Classical Civilisation, Ancient Egypt, Early Christian & Byzantine Art, and Archaeology of the Biblical Lands :oD

Music is no longer such a big part of my life, however the stuff I listen to is generally Rock, Bleep (on the electro, synthpop and futurepop side, think bouncy-tuneful rather than industrial noise!), 90's Indie and random world music (usually Middle Eastern, Turkish or Indian).

When i'm not working or studying i'll either be doing yoga or be spending time cuddling the mice. I adore travelling and in the past few years have dragged my long suffering partner to Cyprus, Bali, India, Istanbul and Egypt and he's dragged me to Las Vegas. My other main interests are shopping (that counts, right?), feminism, snooker (i'm rubbish, but enthusiastic!), reading, being at least 12 months behind on Exeter's social politics, and cuddling up watching cheesy sci-fi.

Most of my entries are friends only and i'm an intensely private person so I don't tend to add people just for the sake of it. But if you're interested or you know me add me & I may add you back.

Favourite words: Urban, Suburbia, Theotokos, Wolverhampton!, Honking and WEEEEEEEEEasel!!!


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And obsessed generally with:

The Ancient Near East & the Middle East

Biblical Archaeology

Dislikes intensely:

Football, stoners, being poor, housework (actually any kind of tidying or cleaning!), eczema, facebook, narrow minded conservative Christians, men who use any of the following terms: pussy, titties, panties.



I'm the one without the (obvious) beard!


"His name is Lebowski? That's your name, Dude..."

'Jesus was as Goth as F$$k!'

Wanna make Jesus pretty? Or just wanna see him in his pants?!

A great website for UK feminists- really interesting & thought provoking

"Mess of eyeliner & spray paint..."


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